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Tableware with Features

Our intelligent tableware has features invisibly hidden in the design. These make independent eating and drinking easier without anyone noticing. The highlight: The eating and drinking aids look like common tableware. This means that people with swallowing difficulties, impaired vision, stiff fingers (gout, rheumatism), shaky hands or complaints in the neck, arms and hands can eat and drink again without help from others. Nice, isn't it?!

To the features 


Perfectly adapted to individual needs: Despite shaky hands, swallowing disorders, weakness in hands and fingers or poor eyesight, independent eating and drinking is fun again. Our eating and drinking aids start where the body reaches its limits and are a helpful support for independent eating and drinking in diseases such as dementia, stroke, multiple sclerosis or Parkinson's.

All diseases at a glance

Domestic Care

It doesn't always have to be the big diseases. Life happens and suddenly we are dependent on help. After a broken bone or an operation, many things no longer work as usual. With a baby in our arms, we can no longer make our sandwich on our own. Or your parents can suddenly no longer hold their cup by temselves due to their age.


Independent Eating Made Easy

Give your loved ones the gift of time. Our eating and drinking aids are not only prettier than typical care aids such as nose cut out cups, food bumper and nail boards - they are also better, because they activate and promote independent eating and drinking of people in need of care and relieve caring relatives. 


Professional Care

The special dishes with hidden features were developed together with people in need of care and occupational therapists and are adapted to the special needs of patients, carers and hospital staff. They can be used intuitively, are not stigmatising, relieve caregivers and increase the quality of life of those affected. It thus gives the nursing staff more time for what is essential: care.

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Special Tableware for the Care

Our care tableware with features is often used in nursing homes, care institutions, day care and on the special wards stroke units, geriatrics, psychiatry in the clinics and dementia-sensitive hospitals. 

Through activating care, the experts' standard for nutrition is implemented, CQC care standards are met, the sense of community at the table is encouraged, individual abilities are taken into account and independent eating and drinking are made possible .

For Clinic & Hospital

Our professional hospital crockery fits all typical tray systems and is absolutely dishwasher safe. A special glossy layer protects against scratches and discolouration, the special surface brilliance creates a porcelain-like appearance, different decorations and colours allow easy station allocation.

All Advantages at a Glance

Mann im Krankenbett isst von einem Tablett mit professionellem Pflegegeschirr

Are you interested in our tableware for care institutions, clinics and hospitals? We will be happy to make you an individual offer.

You are unsure how much tableware you need for your number of residents? We will be happy to help you with the calculation.


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