Junger Mann mit gebrochener Hand benutzt Pflegegeschirr von ORNAMIN

Eating Aids

Bowl with Sloped Base

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Food Bumper

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Keep Warm Plate

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Large Plate with Sloped Base

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Large Plate with Sloped Base

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Mix & Match Non-Slip Board

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Non-Slip Placemat

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Intelligent tableware: special eating aids

The intelligent ORNAMIN special eating aids have supporting features invisibly hidden in the design that facilitate independent eating and provide helpful support especially after a stroke, in the case of dementia, multiple sclerosis or Parkinson's disease.

Special aids with hidden functions

The intelligent ORNAMIN eating aids have invisible supporting features hidden in the design that make independent eating easier. They look like ordinary tableware and not like classic care aids. Whether special plates with a sloping inner base and raised rim, non-slip plates and bowls, one-handed aids for eating with only one hand or in the case of severe tremor: the special aids promote independent eating and provide helpful support, especially after a stroke and in the case of illnesses such as dementia, Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis or Parkinson's disease. The ORNAMIN care aids promote independence and are an important everyday aid for professional and home caregivers. People with disabilities and senior citizens also appreciate the ORNAMIN functional tableware as useful everyday helpers.

Better than plate guards and anti-slip mats

Plate guards, special plates with invisible sloped base and chopping boards with raised edges have become indispensable in today's care. One disadvantage of classic care products, however, is that their special features clearly make them stand out as tableware for people with disabilities. In order to avoid this stigmatisation by 'disabled tableware', the supporting tricks have been cleverly hidden in the design of the ORNAMIN care aids. The ORNAMIN special plates replace plate guards, non-slip mats and plates for feeding, especially in cases of severe tremor. The non-slip plates and bowls are a useful aid in various disabilities to make it easier to pick up food independently. The non-slip, ergonomic ORNAMIN special cutlery functions like curved one-handed cutlery with a one-handed function or a dysphagia spoon and, like all ORNAMIN care dishes, can be used with one hand.

Care aids for independent eating and one-handed usage

The ORNAMIN special eating aids were developed together with people in need of care, occupational therapists and professional carers and are tailored to the special needs of patients, carers in retirement homes, nursing homes and hospital staff. The ORNAMIN eating aids can be used intuitively, are not stigmatising, relieve caregivers and increase the quality of life of those affected. They are suitable as Alzheimer's dishes, dementia plates, aids for the elderly and dishes for the disabled.

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