Eating aids

Sustainably independent.

Junger Mann mit gebrochener Hand benutzt Pflegegeschirr von ORNAMIN

Eating aids with special features

Eating independently with physical impairments and motoric limitations, that is sustainable independence. The intelligent tricks are invisibly hidden in the design and enable activating care without stigmatising.

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Special aids with hidden functions

Care dishes are often very different from normal dishes and are extremely stigmatising; no adult likes to drink from a sippy cup. As a result, people with motor impairments are often very reluctant to eat or stop eating independently altogether. This leads to social isolation and loss of self-esteem.

The intelligent medical tableware from ORNAMIN has functions hidden invisibly in its design that make independent eating easier. It can be inconspicuously combined with household crockery on the dining table, because it looks like ordinary crockery and not like classic care aids. ORNAMIN eating and drinking aids promote the independence of those affected and are an important everyday aid for professional and home caregivers.