Non-slip boards


Hidden eating aid: Eating boards with accessories

The ORNAMIN eating boards enable independent preparation with only one hand thanks to invisibly hidden functions: a useful one-handed aid for immobile hands and fingers, little strength and shaky hands (tremor).

The alternative to the fixation board and one-handed board

One-handed aids such as the fixation board, nail board or one-handed board are often used in care for eating with only one hand. One disadvantage, however, is that their special features make them stand out clearly as dishes for disabled people. In order to avoid this stigmatisation by 'disability tableware', the supporting functions have been invisibly hidden in the design of the intelligent ORNAMIN special eating aids. The ORNAMIN eating boards look like ordinary breakfast boards and are a useful everyday helper for senior citizens, people with physical limitations, little strength, immobile hands and fingers, limited hand mobility, shaky hands or severe tremor.

Chopping boards for easy preparation with one hand

The ORNAMIN chopping boards enable independent bread-making with only one hand. The raised edge on three sides prevents the bread slice from slipping, an non-slip ring on the bottom of the chopping board gives a secure hold and prevents the board from slipping away on the table. In addition, the matching preparation aid makes it easier to prepare bread rolls, fruit or vegetables with one hand. The chopping board and preparation aid can be used with one hand, promote one's own motor skills and are a practical everyday aid for illnesses such as stroke, Alzheimer's, dementia, multiple sclerosis or Parkinson's, which make a one-handed aid necessary.