ORNAMIN- zwei Leute, lachend auf einer Treppe mit To go Big Bruno


Sustainable take-away.

For storing, serving and taking along, microwaveable, suitable for refrigeration and freezing and leak-proof.

To Food 2GO

ORNAMIN To-go Produkte gestapelt
Weiße ORNAMIN To-go Mehrwegschale
Frau besucht Party mit einem Salat in einer ORNAMIN Mehrwegschale
Take away
ORNAMIN Mehrwegbecher mit Dessert gefüllt
Out & about

Always with you on the go & at home

Pick up lunch, take muesli and coffee on the go, reheat in the microwave, freeze, store in the fridge, serve: you can do it all with the reusable bowls and cups. And best of all: everything is sustainable, reusable, Made in Germany and 100% recyclable.

Design your 2GO-Set

zero waste series: 100% recycled

Not only 100% recyclable, but even 100% recycled: the zero waste series consists entirely of parts discarded during production, ground up and made into something new, completely without waste. It doesn't get more sustainable than that.

Let yourself be surprised

Reusable tableware 2GO

Disposable? Not my way! With our sustainable coffee 2GO reusable cups and food 2GO reusable bowls, everyone can make a difference. Enjoy your coffee and lunch on the go and do your part for a cleaner environment. 

Reusable dishes for on the go

ORNAMIN reusable dishes 2GO for delivery and pickup of food for consumption away from home: the solution for food service operators in this challenging time of the Corona crisis. ORNAMIN coffee 2GO cups reusable cups and food 2GO reusable trays are environmentally friendly and sustainable. They are made of high quality plastic, BPA free, fully recyclable, reusable and 100% Made in Germany.