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Food 2GO

Takeaway, serving & storage.

We come in round, square, small and large. And the most important thing: we're leak-proof.
Prepare your lunch at home and take it to the office. Or have your lunch filled into your own to-go bowl directly at the counter in your favourite restaurant or canteen and take it outside. Have sausage and cheese filled directly into reusable trays at the fresh food counter and save on packaging waste. Use them as serving bowls at the table, reheat your food in the reusable bowls in the microwave, use them as storage boxes in the fridge, then you can see what's inside.
A reusable bowl for everything - that's sustainability in action.

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Pärchen guckt sich lächeln an und isst aus Mehrwegschalen von ORNAMIN
ORNAMIN Food to-go Schale mit Essen

Mix & Match

Design your own to go set

Let yourself be surprised

Surprise yourself or your friends with our Mystery Box. The surprise set contains three to go items from our range, including unique items. A sustainable gift idea.

Reusable bowls instead of disposable packaging for food 2GO

The ORNAMIN food 2GO bowls and trays are ideal for lunch to the office, salad for the break or yogurt with muesli and fruit during the breakfast break: instead of taking lunch dishes from the supermarket, bakery or canteen in disposable containers, the food can be filled directly at the counter in reusable take away bowls and taken as lunch 2GO. The ORNAMIN to take away series also includes bowls for the popular bowl and ramen dishes. With matching ORNAMIN 2GO lids the reusable dishes are spill-proof, space-savingly stowed and safe to take along in any bag.

Harmless and microwaveable

In contrast to porcelain, glass or ceramics, ORNAMIN bowls made of high-quality plastic are easier to handle because they do not get so hot. In addition, they are very light and do not break so quickly. The ORNAMIN coffee 2GO reusable cups and food 2GO reusable bowls are free of harmful substances and can be heated in the microwave without hesitation. After eating, the reusable dishes can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

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