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ORNAMIN Shooting Tischszene mit großer Familie

Reusable tableware for professional use

Light, quiet, break-resistant and durable. The ORNAMIN reusable tableware made of high-quality plastic is 100% Made in Germany and fully recyclable. It looks deceptively similar to porcelain tableware, but the robust material makes it much more break-resistant. This makes the reusable tableware ideal for Camping, outdoor, daycare centres, schools and canteens.

For Camping & Outdoors

Ein Pärchen sitzt vor einem Wohnmobil und stößt mit bruchstabilen Sektgläsern an.

Absolutely Suitable for Travels

On the road with the caravan, during a stopover on the bike tour or at a barbecue in the garden: ORNAMIN camping tableware is the perfect companion. It is easy to carry, robust and sturdy, and can be stacked easily to save space. But this is not only practical for camping. The tableware fits also well in a backpack or bicycle bag. And best of all, it doesn't break.
You can put together your own coffee to go mugs and food to go bowls in your favourite colours.

For BBQ & Picnic

Gedeckter Grilltisch mit ORNAMIN Mehrwegprodukten

Perfect barbecue crockery

In addition to the question of what ends up on the barbecue or which barbecue is used, there is often the question of which decoration and which tableware is used for serving on the table.

For a perfect barbecue evening, the tableware should not only be practical, but also attractive and decorative. The sustainable and high-quality tableware from ORNAMIN not only combines these properties, it is also versatile, much lighter than porcelain or glass (anyone who has ever had to carry a full barbecue plate knows to appreciate every gram less) and also so break-resistant that it can survive several children's birthday parties in a row.  

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For children


Safe tableware for children's hands

ORNAMIN children's tableware is always the right choice: 

At home or in kindergarten and day care, because it makes independent eating and drinking child's play. 

The weight and size of the children's plates, cups and bowls optimally adapt to the motor skills and strength of the little ones. Colourful non-slip grip cushions and non-slip rings on the undersides of plates and bowls ensure a secure hold. 

Learning to drink cups help children to drink independently without missing anything, and learning to eat plates make it easier for children to spoon out food.

The ORNAMIN children's tableware made of quality plastic is safe, BPA-free and almost unbreakable.

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Dessert Plate

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Snack Platter

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Soup Plate for Children

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Are you interested in our tableware for care institutions, clinics and hospitals? We will be happy to make you an individual offer.

You are unsure how much tableware you need for your number of residents? We will be happy to help you with the calculation.


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