Reusable Solutions

As a sustainable alternative to single-use packaging, ORNAMIN has been selling reusable cups and bowls since 2017 in order to lower the use of disposable products and mitigate the negative impact on our world's resources.

Ein Mann und eine Frau halten Mehrwegbecher in den Händen.
Ein Manager hält Take-Away-Boxen in der Hand

ORNAMIN Reusable Cups

ORNAMIN Reusable Bowls

Ban on single-use packaging & compulsory return

Stapel mit einigen ORNAMIN-Produkten

Moving Martha

Sustainable reusable cup without lid for coffee to go.

What is the current status?

Single-use plastic products made of polystyrene, conventional, or bio-based plastics have been banned in the EU since 3 July 2021 and may no longer be produced and sold.

What is the "Mehrwegpflicht"?

As of January 2023, this law requires all catering businesses in Germany to offer reusable containers as an alternative to single-use containers for takeaway and ordering food and drinks. The use of reusable containers is meant to help avoid waste and protect the environment.

Schalen auf Thresen

Boxy Bernd

Food to go Container with lid.


Das Mehrwegsystem fĂĽr Deutschland von ORNAMIN.

System entdecken

The Products and Their Advantages

  • high wall thickness
  • easily stackable
  • completely tasteless and odorless
  • dimensionally stable: does not deform
  • thermally insulating (no risk of suffering burns)
  • leak-proof with lid
  • microwaveable
  • customisable
  • dishwasher safe (including industrial dishwashers)
  • high quality, not comparable to single-use products
  • scratch-resistant
  • drain channels on the bottom
  • No need for cup sleeves
  • equippable with RFID-technology
  • material markings and use and care instructions at the bottom

Your reusable solution

Whether it's a deposit system, an exchange system, a loan system or your very own in-house system: with ORNAMIN you will find the perfect solution for yourself. All articles are 100% Made in Germany, food-safe, BPA-free, microwaveable, freezer safe and dishwasher safe. And they're even recyclable!

Steps to Your Own Reusable System With ORNAMIN

1. Choose the right article from our product line. A round bowl or a rectangular one? Big or small? Here you'll find the perfect container for any dish or drink.

2. Just contact our team if you want your products to be customized. You can add your logo, slogan or another design.

3. ORNAMIN will be happy to help you if you need advice on how to implement your own reusable system.

Pappbecher versus ORNAMIN Becher


ORNAMIN's high-quality reusable tableware can be customized using in-mould labelling or foil printing, resulting in high-grade, dishwasher safe decorations. Anything from your logo to custom colors or graphics is possible. We'll be happy to make you a personal offer and support you in the design process.

ORNAMIN Vertriebsmitarbeiter Elvira Nagel


You are interested in our sustainable reusable tableware?

We will be happy to make you an individual offer.


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