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Serve up sustainably.

Familie isst im Garten mit ORNAMIN Geschirr

Tableware for every situation

Eating and drinking is a joy of life. Make your meals an enjoyable experience with matching tableware for every occasion. Experience modern variety for over 65 years, 100% Made in Germany.

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Discover sustainable and reusable tableware for every situation, 100% Made in Germany.

Sustainable reusable tableware

The tableware looks very similar to porcelain, but is much more sturdy and sustainable. Produced by the climate-neutral tableware professional with 65 years of experience in the production of high-quality plastic items. The ORNAMIN 4LIFE tableware is the perfect companion for outdoor and off-road activities. Whether in a camper van, camping, on a bike tour or barbecuing in the garden, the high-quality plastic tableware does it all and cuts a really good figure on the table.  The designs of the ORNAMIN reusable tableware range from rustic to stylish-classic to purist-elegant in different colours and decors. Whether breakfast plates, pasta plates, shallow and deep plates, serving plates for tapas or cakes, snack plates for cosy get-togethers with family and friends or salad bowls for barbecues. Everyone will find the right break-proof tableware here. All ORNAMIN products are sustainably produced, BPA-free, 100% Made in Germany and recyclable.