Meal Prep-Sets

Sustainable preparation.

Prep your Meal

Preparing delicious food at home and taking it with you is the new trend - and much healthier and less expensive than fast food. Set an example against food waste and for sustainability with Meal Prep.

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Meal Prep with lunch boxes for every day

Healthy eating is not always possible in the office. During the lunch break, it is tempting to go to the bakery around the corner or reach for fast food. In the long run, this is expensive and unhealthy. Preparing healthy food at home and taking it with you is the new trend. With Meal Prep, healthy meals are cooked in advance, taken along in suitable reusable boxes and heated in the microwave when needed. This makes it very easy to implement healthy nutrition or a diet in everyday life. With the ORNAMIN Meal Prep-Sets you are on the safe side, they are free of harmful substances and 100% Made in Germany. And the best thing is, you can even freeze the food in them. This is a sustainable way to combat food waste.