ORNAMIN-Studentenwerk-Mensa-Essen auf Geschirr


"The advantages of plastic tableware are obvious. When several thousand trays and plates pass through the hands of staff and students in the canteen, the weight and noise of handling the dishes make a big difference.“

Detlef Will

Department Manager University Catering Bielefeld

Translated from German


Sophisticated atmosphere and high-quality tableware in their own design with individual decor should create a restaurant atmosphere for the guests of the canteen. Detlef Will initially aimed for porcelain, but then decided in favour of melamine. A good choice, in the opinion of the catering expert. After all, he did not have to make any concessions in terms of appearance, and at the same time he was able to impress staff and guests with less weight and less noise.

“We wanted to create a modern catering experience”, Detlef Will describes his objective. As head of the university catering department for the planning and construction of the Student Union Bielefeld, he took the responsibility for the new canteen building in the so-called „Building X“ on the south campus.


When the decision was made to use melamine, the Minden-based company ORNAMIN was also chosen. „We have been working well together with Ornamin for decades, so it made sense to ask the tableware manufacturer about this project as well”, recalls Detlef Will. The student union Bielefeld was advised and accompanied from the idea to series production: design and decor proposals were presented, samples built, rinsing tests were carried out and tool construction implemented. In the end, two new items – a deep and a flat plate – went into production. In addition, the student union decided on side dishes and dessert bowls from the existing range as a supplement.

ORNAMIN Mehrweggeschirr-Mensa-Kantine-Gemeinschaftsverpflegung_Referenz_Studierendenwerk_Bielefeld
ORNAMIN Mehrweggeschirr-Mensa-Kantine-Gemeinschaftsverpflegung-Referenz-Studierendenwerk-Bielefeld
ORNAMIN Mehrweggeschirr_Mensa_Kantine_Gemeinschaftsverpflegung_Referenz_Studierendenwerk_Bielefeld


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