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Sustainably independent - the red series for dementia patients.

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The red series: Dementia tableware

The ORNAMIN dementia tableware can be used intuitively and has helpful functions hidden invisibly in the design that promote independent eating and drinking. Clear red colour highlights stimulate the appetite, provide orientation and are easily recognised for a long time to come.

Eating and drinking aids for dementia patients

Eating and drinking habits can often change in people living with dementia. The colour red plays an important role in connection with dementia. It gives dementia patients security and orientation with limited vision, stimulates the appetite and can still be easily recognised for a very long time. Clear shapes and distinct contrasts help food and beverages to be perceived more easily and better. For this reason, the ORNAMIN dementia sets consist of dementia plates and dementia cups with clear shapes and distinct red colour contrasts, which also ensure an appealing design.

Dementia tableware: independent eating and drinking with dementia

The ORNAMIN eating and drinking aids look like ordinary tableware, but have aids hidden invisibly in the design. They promote independent eating and drinking, support active therapy in Alzheimer's and dementia and give those affected back a bit of quality of life and pleasure in eating. Therefore, the ORNAMIN dementia tableware is especially appreciated in home and inpatient care in retirement homes, nursing homes, geriatrics and assisted living.