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The intelligent ORNAMIN 2CARE tableware supports people with disabilities in eating and drinking independently. Unique: It looks like ordinary tableware, the supporting features are invisibly hidden in the design and not recognisable as such.

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ORNAMIN Spezial Teller mit Kipp-Trick im Einsatz als Esshilfe in der Pflege


The ORNAMIN plates and bowls with features have a sloped base, a raised edge and a non-slip ring at the bottom. This makes it easier to get the food onto the fork or spoon, and prevents the plate from slipping. These functions also support eating with only one hand or arm.

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Illustration von einem ORNAMIN Teller mit Kipp-Trick
ORNAMIN Essbrettchen mit Hilfsfunktion und Stopp-Trick als Esshilfe für die Pflege


With the ORNAMIN non-slip board independent eating with only one hand or shaky hands is possible with limited hand mobility and shaky hands. The raised edge on three sides prevents the bread slice from slipping, and a non-slip ring on the bottom ensures a secure hold.

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Illustration von einem ORNAMIN Essbrett mit Stopp-Trick
ORNAMIN-Becher mit Trink-Trick im Einsatz als Trinkhilfe in der Pflege


The ORNAMIN mugs with internal cone make the nose cups and spouted mugs, previously used for physically handicapped people, unnecessary: Thanks to it's special feature, the mug can be emptied independently without having to put the head in the neck. This means that people with disabilities, senior citizens in need of care or people with swallowing disorders (dysphagia) can drink without any problems, even when lying down.

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Illustration von einem ORNAMIN Pflegebecher mit Trink-Trick
ORNAMIN Thermoteller mit Hilfsfunktion und Thermo-Trick für die Pflege


The ORNAMIN thermal dinnerware keeps food warm at the desired temperature for longer. The double-walled ORNAMIN thermo mugs keep drinks warm for longer. With the ORNAMIN Keep warm plates and bowls, the cavity between the inner plate and outer plate can be filled with hot or cold water. This gives slow eaters more time to enjoy their meals.

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Illustration von einem ORNAMIN Thermoteller mit Thermo Trick
ORNAMIN Becher mit Rutsch-Trick im-Einsatz als Trinkhilfe in der Pflege


The ORNAMIN non-slip cup enables people with physical disabilities, wet or shaky hands, numb fingers, multiple sclerosis or after a stroke, to drink independently. They also give children's hands a secure grip and do not slip away. The non-slip cup looks like a usual cup, because the non-slip function is hidden in the intellegent design.

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Illustration von einem ORNAMIN Becher mit Rutsch Trick
ORNAMIN Essbrettchen mit Hilfsfunktion und Brems-Trick als Esshilfe


The non-slip plates, bowls and boards ensure independent eating for people with physical limitations, limited hand mobility and shaky hands. The non-slip ring is discreetly placed on the bottom of those dishes, and prevent them from slipping.

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Illustration von einem ORNAMIN Teller mit Brems-Trick


The ORNAMIN special eating and drinking aids have been developed together with people in need of care, ergotherapists and professional caregivers. They are tailored to the special needs of patients, carers in retirement homes, nursing homes and hospital staff as well as caring relatives. The ORNAMIN tableware with supporting functions can be used intuitively, relieves the burden on caregivers and increases the quality of life of those affected ones. The nursing aids include everyday aids for slow eating and drinking, anti-slip aids, dementia crockery, Alzheimer's crockery, aids for the elderly and disabled crockery. Especially after a stroke and in the case of diseases such as multiple sclerosis, dementia, Alzheimer's or Parkinson's, the ORNAMIN care aids are a useful everyday helper and promote independent eating and drinking.