ORNAMIN Essbrettchen mit Hilfsfunktion und Brems-Trick im Einsatz als Esshilfe

Break function

Intelligent non-slip eating aid

The non-slip ORNAMIN plates, bowls and boards enable independent eating for people with physical disabilities, limited hand mobility and shaky hands. Especially those with conditions such as Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke or dementia. A non-slip ring under the base provides a firm grip and prevents slipping. It is so intelligently hidden in the design, that it is not noticeable as an eating aid.

Break function: Intelligent non-slip eating aids

Nothing slips here. Sometimes something special is hidden where no one is actually looking. In the case of the ORNAMIN plates, bowls and chopping boards with the break function, a clever non-slip ring on their base ensures that nothing slips while eating.

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