ORNAMIN Teller und Weinglas stehen angerichtet auf dem Esstisch

Tableware series

Discover the tableware variety.

You are looking for sustainable to go reusable tableware, sturdy camping tableware, purist white tableware or colourful designs: the ORNAMIN tableware series are diverse. They all have one thing in common: all dishes are made of high-quality plastic, look like porcelain, but won't break even if they fall down. This property makes ORNAMIN tableware ideal for camping, unbreakable children's tableware and sustainable solutions for canteens and cafeterias.

Person hält ORNAMIN Food to-go Mehrwegschale und Coffee to-go Mehrwegbecher in den Händen

Go & Keep

Coffee to go mugs for coffee on the go and practical food to go bowls for takeaway and storage at home: with the ORNAMIN Go & Keep series you avoid disposable waste and chose sustainable reusable tableware to go that is ecofriendly and lasts a long time. Special highlight: Coffee to go Mix & Match - design your own individual mug.

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For little Heroes

Children's tableware must be safe and fun. The ORNAMIN children's tableware is designed so that even the youngest children can handle it. If it falls to the floor, it won't break. BPA-free and 100% Made in Germany.

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Kind hält bruchstabilen ORNAMIN Kinderteller mit Kindermotiv in der Hand
ORNAMIN Teller im eleganten Design steht angerichtet auf dem Esstisch

Elegant Design

Stylish, beautiful, in a simple modern design. This series is elegant and practical at the same time. With its wide plate edges, it looks good on any table setting. Particularly popular in the colour white. 

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Classic Style

The classic for sailing, camping, picnicking or camping. The robust plates and practical stacking cups are great for every outdoor activity. The series is characterised by a timeless, classic design and a wide range of colours.

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ORNAMIN Teller im Klassikstil steht angerichtet mit Kuchen auf dem Kaffeetisch
ORNAMIN Teller im puristischen Design stehen angerichtet mit Essen auf dem Tisch

Puristic Design

The tableware series in purist design is particularly characterised by its soft, round shapes. With a noble sheen, the tableware looks like porcelain and its minimalist shape makes this series an elegant eye-catcher on any table.

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Campus Style

Round meets square: with its harmonious combination of square and round elements, the campus-style series is simple, timeless and unusual. 

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ORNAMIN Teller und Schalen im Campusstil stehen gestapelt auf dem Tisch
ORNAMIN Teller im Landhausstil stehen angerichtet mit-Essen auf dem Tisch

Country Style

Rather traditional? The country house style series combines timeless classic shapes with refined designs.

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Tableware with features

The intelligent ORNAMIN eating and drinking aids with hidden features encourage independent eating and drinking and support the independence of people with physical disabilities. It looks like ordinary tableware, the little invisible features are hardly noticable at first glance.

Person mit Handicap benutzt ORNAMIN Essbrettchen mit Trick als Esshilfe

Sustainable reusable tableware that looks like porcelain

You love the look of porcelain but don't want anything to break? The ORNAMIN tableware made of high-quality plastic is just the thing. Break-proof, non-breakable, yet light and robust: ideal for camping trips, picnics in the garden or children's birthday parties. The variety of the ORNAMIN tableware series ranges from puristic, noble design to popular camping classics to colourful children's tableware with cute decorations. 

All ORNAMIN tableware series are designed so that the tableware pieces from all series fit well together. Bowls, dishes, plates, cups can be combined with each other as desired. Put together your tableware set just the way it suits you. You will enjoy ORNAMIN crockery for a long time because it will not break. Are you looking for tableware for your canteen, school or nursery? The high quality and long durability of ORNAMIN reusable tableware is also appreciated in the professional sector. 

Why is ORNAMIN plastic tableware sustainable? ORNAMIN tableware is made of reusable plastic, 100% Made in Germany, which is very durable. In addition, ORNAMIN provides a lifetime guarantee on material and workmanship. Should the tableware ever be discarded after years of use, it is fully recyclable and reusable. 

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