Country Sytle

Traditional, beautiful tableware made of high quality plastic.

Dinner Plate

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Soup Plate

Variants from €7.00*
€7.50* €9.00*(16.67% saved)
Serving Bowl

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Sustainable reusable tableware that looks like porcelain

You love the look of porcelain but don't want anything to break? The ORNAMIN tableware made of high-quality plastic is just the thing. Break-proof, non-breakable, yet light and robust: ideal for camping trips, picnics in the garden or children's birthday parties. The variety of the ORNAMIN tableware series ranges from puristic, noble design to popular camping classics to colourful children's tableware with cute decorations. 

All ORNAMIN tableware series are designed so that the tableware pieces from all series fit well together. Bowls, dishes, plates, cups can be combined with each other as desired. Put together your tableware set just the way it suits you. You will enjoy ORNAMIN crockery for a long time because it will not break. Are you looking for tableware for your canteen, school or nursery? The high quality and long durability of ORNAMIN reusable tableware is also appreciated in the professional sector. The tableware made of high-quality plastic is lighter, more durable, more break-resistant and much more cost-effective than glass or porcelain, making it perfect for use in canteens, cafeterias, student unions, retirement homes, schools and as camping tableware.

Why is ORNAMIN plastic tableware sustainable? ORNAMIN tableware is made of reusable plastic, 100% Made in Germany, which is very durable. In addition, ORNAMIN provides a lifetime guarantee on material and workmanship. Should the tableware ever be discarded after years of use, it is fully recyclable and reusable.