Non-Slip Board with Food Preparation Help

Enables the preparation of bread rolls, fruit or vegetables with one hand.


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Product number: S900-26v977
EAN: 4041736122846
Product information "Non-Slip Board with Food Preparation Help"
  • raised rim on three sides prevents the bread slice from slipping
  • firm grip when preparing bread rolls, pickles or cheese
  • practical special eating aid with anti-slip coating
  • BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, not microwave-safe, food-safe
  • sustainable reusable plastic, Made in Germany, 100% recyclable
Area: Eat one-handed, Impaired vision, Shaky hands, clammy hands, stiff fingers
Features: Break Function, Non-Slip Function, Raised Edges
Height: 1.6 cm
Length: 22 cm
Material: Melamin
Use & care: BPA free, dishwasher safe, food-suitable, not microwaveable
Weight: 385 g
Width: 17 cm
Tableware for every diseases
With the scratch-resistant eating board made of ORNAMIN's high-quality plastic melamine, even people with limited hand mobility can prepare their bread independently and comfortably - both left-handed and right-handed.
The raised edge on three sides prevents the bread slice from slipping. In addition, an anti-slip ring on the underside of the plastic board provides a secure hold, as it cannot be moved around on the table. This combination makes it easier to spread the bread. This also makes it possible for people with physical limitations to eat independently. The recesses on the edge also make it easy to remove the breakfast board from the table and stack it in a simple and space-saving way. The cutting board is particularly suitable for senior citizens or people with handicaps, in care, with illnesses such as stroke, Alzheimer's disease, dementiamultiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease.

Preparing food made easy
The ORNAMIN preparation aid (model 960) provides a perfect hold for bread rolls as well as cucumbers, apples, cheese or other foods during cutting and preparation. It can be attached to the three raised edges of the chopping board with just one hand. Thanks to the practical tab, the preparation aid can be removed just as easily. It sits firmly on the raised edge of the chopping board so that nothing slips when cutting and smearing.
Reuse instead of throwing away.
Disposable cups like paper cups produce enormous mountains of waste. We want to change that, because we are reusable professionals. With the innovative, reusable coffee to go cup made of sustainable reusable plastic, we avoid waste before it is created. All ORNAMIN reusable products are recyclable and 100% Made in Germany. Honestly sustainable. 

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