Stroke tableware

Sustainably independent - Special features for stroke patients.

Large Plate with Sloped Base

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Variants from €32.00*
Bowl with Sloped Base

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Special eating and drinking aids with hidden features

Due to the possible consequences of a stroke such as hemiplegia, sensory disturbances of the arms and legs, speech disorders, swallowing disorders, visual disturbances, shaky hands, limited mobility in the neck or the lack of a functional second hand, eating and drinking becomes a challenge for many stroke patients and carers. The intelligent ORNAMIN stroke tableware can be used intuitively and has supportive features, hidden in the design, that support independent eating and drinking. The eating and drinking aids look like ordinary tableware and not like classic care aids. Whether special plates with a sloped base and raised rim, non-slip plates and bowls, one-handed aids for eating with only one hand or for severe tremor. The special aids were developed together with people in need of care, occupational therapists and professional caregivers and are an important everyday aid for stroke patients, home caregivers as well as senior citizen facilities, assisted living, retirement homes, nursing homes and hospitals.

Better than sippy cups and plate guards

Beak cups, plate rim raisers, nose cut-out cups, dysphagia cups and eating boards have become indispensable in care. One disadvantage of classic care products is, that their special features clearly make them stand out as tableware for people with disabilities. In order to avoid this stigmatisation by 'disabled tableware', the supporting highlights are hidden in the design of the ORNAMIN care aids. The ORNAMIN special cups make sippy cups with spouts or dysphagia drinking cups superfluous. A conically shaped inner cup also ensures that people with swallowing disorders (dysphagia) can drink easily and independently - even when lying down. The ORNAMIN special plates replace plate guards and non-slip mats, especially in cases of severe tremor. The non-slip, ergonomic ORNAMIN special cutlery works like curved one-handed cutlery or a dysphagia spoon and can be used with one hand, just like all ORNAMIN care utensils.