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Parkinson's disease tableware

Eating and drinking independently.

The ORNAMIN Parkinson's tableware has supportive features invisibly hidden in the design. These features enable independent eating and drinking with shaky hands, severe tremor, muscle stiffness, postural instability and swallowing disorders.

Large Plate with Sloped Base

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Variants from €32.00*
Mix & Match Non-Slip Board

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Bowl with Sloped Base

Variants from €11.00*
Small Plate with Sloped Base

Variants from €16.00*
Large Plate with Sloped Base

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Eating and drinking with Parkinson's disease

Tremor and shaking are the most obvious signs in people with Parkinson's disease. Muscle tremor is particularly common as a resting tremor. For the patients, the suffering is increased by the visibility of the disease: slowed movements, muscle stiffness, postural instability and swallowing disorders. When drinking, it is easy to miss something because shaky hands cannot grip the glass firmly enough. Simple movements, such as holding a knife and fork, can often no longer be managed alone. The ORNAMIN Parkinson's tableware supports those affected to remain active and to maintain their independence when eating and drinking. The eating and drinking aids look like ordinary tableware and not like tableware for the care, because the supporting functions are invisibly hidden in the design.

Parkinson's aids for hand tremor and hand cramps

The ORNAMIN special eating and drinking aids were developed together with people in need of care, occupational therapists and professional caregivers and are an important everyday aid for Parkinson's patients, home caregivers as well as senior citizen facilities, assisted living, retirement homes, nursing homes and hospitals. The ORNAMIN Parkinson's plates replace plate guards and non-slip mats, especially in cases of intense tremor. The ORNAMIN Parkinson's cups make sippy cups with drinking spouts, nose-cut cups or dysphagia cups superfluous. Thanks to a conically shaped inner cup, people with swallowing disorders (dysphagia) can drink easily and independently - even when lying down. The non-slip, ergonomic ORNAMIN Parkinson's cutlery works like curved one-handed cutlery with a one-hand function or a dysphagia spoon and, like all ORNAMIN care utensils, can be used with one hand.

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