Sloped base

Large Plate with Sloped Base

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Small Plate with Sloped Base

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Bowl with Sloped Base

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Large Plate with Sloped Base

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Intelligent eating aid for independent eating

The special plate with sloped base and raised rim can be used intuitively, encourages independent eating in the case of physical limitations and is particularly suitable for home and professional care as well as for illnesses such as stroke, Alzheimer's, dementia, Parkinson's and multiple sclerosis. A sloped base, a discreet protruding lip and a non-anti-slip ring on the bottom of the plate combine to ensure that food reaches the fork or spoon more easily and the plate does not slip. These hidden functions also support eating with only one hand or arm.

The better alternative: ORNAMIN tableware with a trick

Conventional care dishes such as nose-cut cups, nail boards, sippy cups, cups with spouts, plate rim raisers or dysphagia cups stigmatise people in need of care as users of 'disabled dishes'. In order to maintain independence, self-esteem and enjoyment for people with disabilities for as long as possible, ORNAMIN has developed intelligent special tableware with hidden functions, the so-called 'tricks'. The special feature: It looks like ordinary tableware. The eating and drinking aids do not show their helping features. For this clever combination of stylish design and hidden functions, the ORNAMIN products with tricks have received numerous design prizes and awards.

Nursing aids for professional and home care

The ORNAMIN special eating aids were developed together with people in need of care, occupational therapists and professional carers and are designed to meet the special needs of patients, carers in retirement homes, nursing homes and hospital staff as well as caring relatives. The nursing aids include everyday aids for slow eating and drinking, anti-slip aids, dementia crockery, Alzheimer's crockery, aids for the elderly and disabled crockery.