ORNAMIN-Toms Teas-Spielzeughäuser- für Kinder

Tom's Teas

"Children's tea is a new drink category in the UK and doesn't have to be served from a teapot with a cup and saucer! Our fruit blends can be enjoyed at home or on the go, so the children needed a proper cup to drink it from at every opportunity. By working with Ornamin we got a high quality, reusable cup that is perfect for little hands to enjoy their Tom's teas hot or cold. The fact that they are virtually unbreakable with a spill-proof lid is an added bonus for the adults!"  

Anna Stopps, Founder/CEO of Tom's Teas


Inspired by kids for kids, Tom's Teas stands for flavourful and fruity teas that taste like childhood dessert favourites and are simply meant to be fun. The award-winning fruit blends taste as good as they smell and, hot or cold, are a great choice for healthy kids' drinks.

Tom's Teas are ethically sourced, handcrafted and contain real fruit pieces. They contain no caffeine, added sugar or artificial sweeteners and their packaging is plastic-free.

ORNAMIN Coffee To-go Mehrwegbecher im Toms Tea Design
Bunt dekorierte to go-Kinderbecher im Toms Tea Design liegen auf einem Tisch


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