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Neuwied Cup

"The issue of waste disposal and environmentally conscious behaviour has received more attention in recent years. We also would like to make our contribution and are happy to have found a partner in Ornamin, who deals intensively with the topic of reusability.“ 

Sarah Bodmann

Office for City Marketing

Logo des Mehrwegsystems der Stadt Neuwied

The Office of City Marketing has developed the "My Neuwied Cup" in cooperation with the Preißing bakery, the food academy Neuwied, the food hotel Neuwied and the Neuwied district administration. The cup system is intended to avoid the production of waste by discarded disposable cups. The system is simple: the “Mein Neuwied Becher” can be bought and filled in all participating bakeries and restaurants.

In this way, waste is avoided right from the start and the environment is protected. After use, the rinsed cup can be exchanged for recycling in the participating restaurants/bakeries. The customer receives a new, clean cup that is refilled. The lids remain in the possession of the buyer for hygienic reasons, but can be purchased again if lost.

ORNAMIN Coffee to-go Mehrwegbecher im Design der Stadt Neuwied mit Barcode


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