ORNAMIN-To-go Mehrwegbecher Great Gloria mit Deckel

Mannheim - Bleib Deinem Becher treu!

"Coffee 2GO is now an integral part of the urban lifestyle. The consequences for the environment and cityscape are vast amounts of wasted resources, clogged rubbish bins as well as polluted streets and green spaces. The campaign „Stay loyal to you cup!“ shows that this can also be done differently: With the long-lasting reusable cups from ORNAMIN, we bring coffee 2Go and sustainability together. With our partners, we want to avoid disposable cup waste in the 2GO business and thus make a contribution for an attractive, sustainable city.“ 

Agnes Schönfelder,

Head of the climate protection unit of the city of Mannheim

Caroline Golly,

Project manager at the climate protection agency Mannheim

Logo des Mannheim Mehrwegsystems-bleib-deinem-Becher-treu

The City of Mannheim and the Climate Protection Agency, in cooperation with the Mannheim City Advertising Association and the Eastern City Centre Citizens' and Trade Association, have launched the "Stay loyal to your cup!"

A system with different variations: Basically, any business that offers takeaway coffee can become a partner. Currently, 14 businesses with over 50 sales outlets are taking part - these can be recognised by stickers, posters or displays.

The stickers indicate whether the cup can be 1) filled only, 2) filled and purchased, or 3) filled, purchased and exchanged.

Used cups can be returned for a token. This token can be exchanged for a clean cup at any of the partners participating in the exchange system.


ORNAMIN Coffee to-go Mehrwegbecher im Mehrwegsystem in Mannheim
ORNAMIN Coffee to-go Mehrwegbecher im Design des Mehrwegsystems der Stadt Mannheim
Werbebanner für das Coffee to-go Mehrwegsystem der Stadt Mannheim


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