ORNAMIN-To go Mehrwegbecher Great Gloria und Moving Martha Becher mit Deckel und Dekor Milch


"Our new reusable Ornamin cups are very popular with our customers! These are for sale and can be brought back for the next coffee treat. We were able to adopt the familiar and popular look of the paper cups we used previously by adding the individual decoration option, so our takeaway drinks now have added value." 

Milch - Nico Ueckermann 

Translated from German

Milch Feinkost Logo

This small café, called Milch, is situated in Hamburg's Portuguese district and has been around since January 2015 and serves delicious coffee from local roasters in pretty surroundings. Café Milch serves espresso, americano, cappuccino or flat white, as well as fresh mint tea or hot chocolate. Chocolate croissants, waffles and cakes are also served, and Nico Ueckermann plans to expand the range in the future.

From the beginning, all hot drinks were also available to take away, now in the new reusable 2GO cups. These cost 8 euros each. The lid and the cup itself can also be purchased separately for 3 or 5 euros - so you don't have to throw away the whole cup in case of a defect or loss. Customers are enthusiastic about the change to sustainable consumption and like to use the cup as a stylish accessory.

ORNAMIN Coffee to-go Mehrwegbecher im Design von Milch Feinkost
ORNAMIN Coffee to-go Mehrwegbecher im Mehrwegsystem bei Milch Feinkost


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