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Marienturm Retter Cup

„We are very pleased that our project “Himmel über Minden” is increasingly being perceived by well-known companies in Minden and that it is receiving such great support from this joint product, the Retter Cup. The Retter Cup significantly improves the visible presence of Himmel über Minden – our great project is thus brought home to the people. And if the limited edition is actually sold, maybe there will be such a cup for every construction phase, always in a different project colour – a collectible cup – I could well imagine that.“ 

Frieder Küpper

Pastor of St. Marienkirche in Minden

Logo des Marienturm Retterbecher Mehrwegbechers

EDEKA Minden-Hannover and ORNAMIN support donation project

From Minden, for Minden! Founded by the St. Marienkirche Building Association, produced by ORNAMIN, sold by EDEKA and WEZ. The new “Marienturm Retter Cup” is a real heart project. This exclusive reusable cup is available in limited edition (3,500 pieces) for 6,81 Euro at nine EDEKA and WEZ markets in Minden and Porta Westfalica. The proceeds go completely to the donation project “Himmel über Minden”. The objective: the renovation of the church tower.

A whole year people planned, developed and designed until the “Retter Cup” Made in Minden became reality. With the support of EDEKA Minden-Hannover and ORNAMIN, a very special project is now starting. The idea of the beautiful reusable mug was launched as part of the donation project “Himmel über Minden” of the building association of the St. Marienkirche of Minden.

„The St. Marienkirche is one of the most important church buildings in the region that shapes our cityscape”, says ORNAMIN sales manager Elvira Nagel. We are very pleased to be able to produce the right product for the joint action as an expert in sustainable mugs. ORNAMIN delivered a break-resistant, ecofriendly, extra durable and very high-quality 2GO cup. 

ORNAMIN Mehrwegbecher mit "Retterbecher" Marinkirchturm Minden Motiv
ORNAMIN Mehrwegbecher Marinkirchturm Minden Präsentation und Verkauf im EDEKA
ORNAMIN Mehrwegbecher mit "Retterbecher" Marinkirchturm Minden Motiv


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