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„At the end of September, we changed the vending machines in our company from disposable to reusable cups. Each employee received a cup with space for the employee's name next to our logo. The feedback is very good! Everyone is glad to contribute to environmental protection in such an easy way. We would like to thank ORNAMIN for a competent, friendly and quick handling of our project!“

i.A. Vivian Walpurgis

Management Assistant

Translated from German

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The family-owned business Hörmann has always been aware of its responsibility for future generations. By implementing various measures, Hörmann is actively working to conserve resources and increase climate protection. This is also the case with the change of disposable to reusable cups for the vending machines at their sitein Steinhagen.

The employees received the customised reusable cups as a gift and can now use them for cold and hot drinks. Each mug can be labelled with the employee’s name and closed with a colour-matching spill-proof lid to also ensure the safety at work at the production site.

ORNAMIN Coffee to-go Mehrwegbecher im Design von Hoermann steht mit angelehntem Deckel auf dem Tisch
ORNAMIN Coffee to-go-Mehrwegbecher im Design von Hoermann steht mit angelehntem Deckel auf dem Tisch


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