YoYo - BoostReuse

„YoYo supports various organisations switching from single-use packaging to sustainable reusable packaging systems by providing our expertise, technology and experience.“ 

Joanna Olszanska - Founder  of YoYo.BoostReuse

The company YoYo.BoostReuse has set itself the task of building a sustainable culture through reusable packaging in the Netherlands. The consumption of disposable packaging is to be drastically reduced through the use of reusable tableware for the To Go Society. 

In realising the goal of encouraging people to live a more sustainable lifestyle, the YoYo.BoostReuse company found a suitable cooperation partner in Ornamin. In 2020, YoYo decided to use ORNAMIN's sustainable reusable bowls to fight single-use waste.


You have any questions regarding the sustainable coffee to go reusable cups or need further information.


 Katja Antal, Sales 

 +49 (0) 571 88 80 8-75