"We compared various products and suppliers in our search for a suitable reusable cup for coffee to go. The cups by ORNAMIN made of high-quality SAN plastic convinced us with their energy balance, lightness and design options. The proximity of our companies also spoke in favour. And the reaction of our customers proves us right. Our new reusable cups are in great demand - in keeping with our theme of coffee enjoyment." 

Dennis Albert

Product Manager Melitta Professional Coffee Solutions

Under the Melitta® brand, consumers can find everything they need for a really good cup of coffee: filter and bean coffee, coffee pads, instant specialities, filter papers®, coffee machines, milk frothers and much more. And in over 40 countries worldwide. The Melitta Group places the highest quality demands on its own products - including the new coffee to go cup, which is given to employees and customers as a gift.

At Melitta, a conscious enjoyment of coffee and an orientation towards the guiding principle of a sustainable corporate culture have a high priority. In order to avoid the use of disposable coffee cups in the future, ORNAMIN was commissioned as a regional partner to produce reusable cups in three different designs. These are not only real eye-catchers, they also enable environmentally conscious enjoyment of your favourite coffee on the go.


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