"Cactus has made it its goal to banish disposable cups and contribute to environmental protection. With the reusable coffee to go cup from ORNAMIN, we found the ideal solution: the perfect size to e.g. preserve the finesse of Bruno organic fair trade coffee, recyclable, microwaveable and made in Germany.“ 

Liz Nepper

Service Marketing

Cactus S.A.

“Cup to go” – a sustainable cup for Luxembourg: Concerned about the future, Cactus is committed to protecting the environment and now offers a sustainable cup. Available in limited edition, at all Cactus restaurants, Cactus-Inn restaurants and Cactus Shoppi.

The Cactus Group employs more than 4,000 employees, spread across 47 stores in 45 locations throughout the Grand Duchy, including 2 Cactus Hypermarkets, 11 Cactus Supermarkets, 8 Cactus Marché, 4 Cactus hobbi, 22 Cactus Shoppi as well as the administration building, the production sites and the warehouse. Environmental protection and social responsibility are of great importance in all areas.


You have any questions regarding the sustainable coffee to go reusable cups or need further information.


 Katja Antal, Sales 

 +49 (0) 571 88 80 8-75