ORNAMIN-Geschäftsführer Holger von der Emde

Dr. Holger von der Emde

Managing Director

Dr. Holger von der Emde was born in Marburg in 1964. There he started his diploma course in chemistry which he continued in Würzburg and Göttingen and completed with a doctorate. Before being employed as the director of ORNAMIN in 2001, he was the purchasing director and authorised representative at BASF as well as member of the management team at Geberit. In 2013 he acquired the majority stakes of ORNAMIN and is the managing director since then.

ORNAMIN-Management Mitglied-Appelt-Sina

Sina Appelt

Senior Vice President – Supply Chain Management and Technology

Sina Appelt was born in Minden in 1984. She is an industrial management assistant, specialised industrial management assistant for purchase and logistics as well as a diploma holder in business administration. She worked as a lean & kaizen manager at Drabert GmbH and has consulted companies as a business consultant regarding lean & kaizen. Since 2015 she accompanies ORNAMIN on its way to become a lean company and has the overall responsibility for the departments supply chain management and technology.


Sören Müller

Senior Vice President – Finances

Sören Müller was born in Minden in 1975. After his education as a banker and extra-occupational studies in business administration, he worked as an advisor for business customers at the Dresdner Bank AG for ten years. Moreover he is a certified workplace advisor. Since 2005 he is an authorised representative at ORNAMIN and as the head of corporate management responsible for the departments finances, human resources and IT, within the management especially for finances.


Natalie Dobler

Head of Sales

Natalie Dobler was born in Stuttgart in 1977. After gaining her diploma in business administration at the University of Cooperative Education of Stuttgart, she worked for six years as a marketing manager at M+W Zander in Stuttgart. In 2006 she came to ORNAMIN to build up the business field tableware and plays a major role as the head of sales in the establishment of the brand ORNAMIN in Germany and abroad ever since.


Thorsten Erdelt

Head of Technology

Thorsten Erdelt was born in Minden in 1965. After his education as a skipper, he acquired ship master’s certificates for the Weser, Elbe, Rhine and canals. By doing a retraining in 1990 to become a tool mechanics at ORNAMIN, he turned his hobby metal into his desired profession. As an industry master in the field of metal he took the lead of the education of the metalworkers, lateron also of device construction, tool making, construction, research & development and finally the department technology. His area of expertise includes engineering, article and tool design, project management and 3D printing.


Peter Luft

Head of Quality Management

Peter Luft was born in Kazakhstan in 1974 and lives in Minden-Lübbecke for 30 years. After his education as a cutting machine operator, he worked as a regular soldier in the German army for twelve years. He did a retraining at ORNAMIN to become a process mechanic as well as industry master for plastic-caoutchouc. Moreover he passed courses as quality manager and is currently head of quality management. His areas of expertise include process management, quality management and environmental management.


Marc Philipp Bodfeld

Business Unit Manager Instore-Marketing 

Marc Philipp Bodfeld was born in Bielefeld. He was responsible for domestic sales at Wellmann Küchen for six years and completed his degree in business administration at the Ostwestfalen-Lippe Academy of Administration and Economics while working. From 2008, he worked at the subsidiary Instore-Marketing GmbH as regional sales manager and key account manager until he was finally appointed deputy managing director. With the merger of Instore-Marketing GmbH with the parent company ORNAMIN, he was given responsibility for the Instore-Marketing division.


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