Sustainable reusable tableware for at home and to go 

Beautiful storage solutions

Storage has never been so easy: with the reusable containers from ORNAMIN, you can store food leftovers securely. Whether small, large, square or round - the bowls and boxes can be stacked in the fridge to give you the perfect overview. Sustainable tip: You can easily take the bowl with the leftovers to the office the next day for a quick meal during your lunch break! From now on we store food cleverly!

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Teatime is me-time

Allow yourself a moment to relax - with a hot drink you can calm down and recharge your energy. Your ideal companion for your relaxing tea or coffee break: the elegant mug from ORNAMIN. With its pure and modern look, it suits your personal feel-good area - whether at home on the couch or at your desk in the office.

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Person unterwegs mit ORNAMIN Food To-go Mehrwegschale und Coffee To-go Mehrwegbecher in den Händen
Tischszene im Garten mit ORNAMIN Geschirr
ORNAMIN Food to-go Box gefüllt mit Donuts wird von einem Kind gehalten

Made in Germany for decades

As a family business, ORNAMIN has been producing high-quality plastic tableware exclusively at Kuckuckstraße in Minden/Westphalia since 1955.Eating and drinking aids with special and non-stigmatising features hidden in the design help people with physical disabilities to eat and drink independently. The ORNAMIN reusable tableware for take-away drinks or meals is available in many great colours and combinations. 2 million reusable cups and 750 thousand reusable bowls are now in use and help to avoid disposable waste. The classic ORNAMIN tableware looks like porcelain, but is made of high-quality plastic. It is popular with campers and caravanners, but is also used in event catering and canteens because it is break-resistant and durable. All ORNAMIN products are recyclable and can be reused to a large extent. As a climate-neutral and green electricity certified company, we at ORNAMIN think in cycles and work on increasing our sustainability every day. Take a look and book one of our public factory tours.