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Tableware Made in Germany

100% Made in Germany


Being able to eat and drink independently in spite of a physical impairment is sustainable independence. The ORNAMIN 2CARE tableware makes it possible! The intelligent eating and drinking aids have features hidden in the design, and thus do not have a stigmatising effect. The 2CARE dishes strengthen not only your independence, but also your confidence. These little aids are a great relief for you and your caregivers.

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Set your table in style with ORNAMIN's reusable tableware! In just a few minutes from the refrigerator to the table, without annoying decanting. Do away with disposable packaging and serve snacks, dips and fruit or cold cuts in the versatile reusable containers - there's no shortage of aesthetics! Whether round, square, large or small, the reusable boxes or trays can be used for all foods. Discover the right shape and size for your dining table or buffet. 

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As a family business, ORNAMIN has been producing high-quality plastic tableware exclusively at Kuckuckstraße in Minden/Westphalia since 1955.Eating and drinking aids with special and non-stigmatising features hidden in the design help people with physical disabilities to eat and drink independently. The ORNAMIN reusable tableware for take-away drinks or meals is available in many great colours and combinations. 2 million reusable cups and 750 thousand reusable bowls are now in use and help to avoid disposable waste. The classic ORNAMIN tableware looks like porcelain, but is made of high-quality plastic. It is popular with campers and caravanners, but is also used in event catering and canteens because it is break-resistant and durable. All ORNAMIN products are recyclable and can be reused to a large extent. As a climate-neutral and green electricity certified company, we at ORNAMIN think in cycles and work on increasing our sustainability every day. Take a look and book one of our public factory tours.