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Looks like porcelain, but is much better and more sustainable. For outdoor and off-road: In the camper, camping, on the bike tour and at the barbecue in the garden, our tableware is the perfect companion. Safe and sturdy: The children's tableware helps them to eat and drink independently and best of all: it simply doesn't break. Always the right choice for home, nursery and day care. 

Quality plastic that looks like porcelain

The sustainable ORNAMIN reusable tableware made of high-quality plastic has a porcelain-like appearance and is suitable for every occasion - both as everyday tableware for the home, as leisure tableware for outdoor and camping and for professional use in canteens, company cafeterias and large kitchens. ORNAMIN tableware is used in all common methods of modern communal catering in schools, nurseries, day care centres, student unions, clinics and hospitals to serve freshly cooked food at the right serving temperature to the multitude of guests, residents and patients. The quality tableware is much more durable and break-resistant than porcelain tableware, but feels just as good as normal porcelain and can also be equipped with RFID technology, e.g. to simplify payment or deposit/return processes.

High-quality tableware for every meal

Eating is a joy of life. To make breakfast, lunch and dinner an enjoyable experience, you need the right tableware for every occasion. Whether breakfast plates, pasta plates, flat and deep plates in round, oval or square as well as serving plates for tapas, baguettes or barbecues and snack plates for a cosy dinner with family and friends: The designs of the ORNAMIN dinnerware range from country style to stylish-classic to puristic-elegant in different colours and decors, matching the respective dish. In addition to cutlery and dinner plates, ORNAMIN's tableware range also includes coffee cups, water, juice, champagne and wine glasses. Sustainable coffee 2GO reusable cups, food to take away reusable bowls and stylish bowls complete the variety. All plates, bowls and cups are free of BPA and other harmful plasticisers and are ecologically recyclable.

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