Thermal function

Tableware with thermal function

The ORNAMIN tableware with thermal function keeps food and drinks at the desired temperature for longer and enables slow cookers to eat and drink independently without any loss of quality. The thermal function is intelligently and invisibly hidden in the design and cannot be seen from the outside. Especially in the case of illnesses such as stroke, dementia, Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's, the thermal tableware is a valuable eating aid..

Thermal function: Hot stays hot and cold stays cold

On the ORNAMIN plates and bowls with a thermal function, the cavity between the inner plate and the outer plate can be filled with hot or cold water or crushed ice. This way, food stays hot (or cold) longer and gives slow eaters more time to enjoy their food. The ORNAMIN cups with keep-warm function also have a double-sided wall, but instead of water, the insulator is air. The air insulation helps to maintain the desired temperature of the liquids for longer, which makes drinking more pleasant.

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